I can't tell you how impressed I am with your company's customer service so far. I have been working with another company for about 6 years now, but perhaps it's time to reconsider. If things go as well as I think they will as we finish this order, you can count on this being an annual order from my school. Thank you.

- Amanda

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Have a Fairly Large Order?


We can handle whatever you throw at us.

And - depending on just how large “large” is, you may be eligible for Volume Discounts!

1. Try our Online Quoting System to calculate what our “Already Quite Nice” price is.

2. You will be notified in your Quote if the quantity you've entered makes you eligible for further discounts.


Also, if you are a non-profit group with a large order, be sure to let us know by telling us in the Comments section of the Contact Form or when you talk to one of our friendly Customer Service Reps.

Where possible, we love to help out a good cause, and we may be able to offer sponsorship for your event.

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