I came to the guys at PrintedShirts with a very tight deadline and specific requirements, they were very quick in responding and turning the job around in 1 day, which otherwise would have created a very sticky situation for me. The pre-production service was great and the actual end product was nicely printed on a high quality garment. It was a genuine pleasure to have worked with PrintedShirts and I hope I do again in the future.

- Adam F.

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Pricing and On-line Quoting

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  • HIDDEN CHARGES?: Are There Any Extra or Hidden Charges?
    • No. All of the "included" and any "not included" charges are clearly explained in the quote you will receive.

      The price quoted includes:

      • The Garment
      • Basic Amount of Artwork Time
      • Screen Burning and Press Set-ups (for Print Quotes)
      • Printing or Embroidery Charges

      Generally, the only things not included in the quoted price are: Taxes and any shipping charges that may be applicable. (You may be eligible for Free Shipping. Please enquire!)

      Here are the things that might incur additional charges:

      • Surcharges for Oversize Garments (as noted on the Price Quote).
      • If your artwork is complicated and is something that we anticipate will incur additional artwork charges, we will notify (and quote) you before proceeding with your order. (See Artwork FAQ's
      • If we are required to mix very exact ink colours (see Pantone Matching) or if you ask us to change the ink colour several times (see Ink Changes), there is a small charge for each time we are required to do so. 
      • For Embroidery, the charge to set your logo up for embroidery will be quoted separately, once we have had a chance to view your logo. (See Embroidery Set Up Charges)
    • There are many ways to reduce your per unit price, including:

      For Printing:

      • Reducing the number of print locations
      • Reducing the number of colours you want to print in each location.
      • Printing onto a light coloured or white garment rather than a darker coloured garment.
      • Printing onto a lower quality / less expensive garment.
      • Increasing the number of garments you print (spreads set-up charges over more units).

      For Embroidery:

      • Reducing the number of embroidery locations.
      • Reducing the size of your design (which reduces the number of stitches in your design).
      • Embroidering ONLY text (ie, no graphics) with a "stock" font (reduces Set Up Charge)
      • Choosing a light coloured or white garment rather than a darker coloured garment.
      • Choosing a lower quality / less expensive garment.
      • Increasing the number of garments you print (spreads set-up charges over more units).
      • See also "What Affects My Price" for Screen Printing or Embroidery.
  • SMALL QUANTITIES: What's the Fewest You'll Do?
    • We get this question ALL the time. In most cases, the fewest items we will do is between 12 and 18  units.  

      This is due to the nature of screenprinting and the up-front effort required to prepare artwork and screens. 

      You're welcome to choose the garment you have in mind from our catalogue and select "Get Quote" (either Printing or Embroidery).

      You will be notified if you've entered a number below the minimum for a particular product, and you will be advised of the minimum for that product.

      If you require less than the stated minimum, we suggest you do an internet search that includes the terms "Single Unit", "Small Quantities" and/or "Direct To Garment", as this will direct you to companies that use different technologies that make short-runs somewhat more affordable.

      For promotional products, in most cases the smallest listed quantity is the very fewest we can offer you.

  • PRICE MATCHING: Will You Match Pricing From Competitors?
    • Yes and No. We know that our prices are fair and we know that our customers get full value for the price charged. We also know that many of our competitors do not offer nearly the same level of Service and Quality that you receive at www.PrintedShirts.ca.

      However, we are aware that some of our worthy competitors out there are willing to do anything to get your business. If it’s a competitor that we respect, we’ll do what we can to make this an easy decision for you. Give us a call and one of our friendly Customer Service Reps will let you know what we can do. If you can send us a copy of a written quote from one of our competitors, we will ensure that we are comparing "apples to apples" and will do our best to match it.

      (On the other hand, if it’s some guy working out of his garage that’s offering you some "sweet pricing", you’re on your own!)