I just wanted to send you a note of thanks! The hats look GREAT! We were shocked with how fast you got them done!  Thank you for working with us on this.  This has been the 6th or 7th time I have personally used PrintedShirts for Ultimate Frisbee shirts or Hockey jerseys or hats.  We keep coming back because of your great results and your flexibility and willingness to work with us. I will continue to recommend you guys to people I know! Thanks again!

- Darin

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Artwork Questions

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  • FILE TYPES: What Kind of Artwork Files Do You Accept?
    • We accept many kinds of artwork

      IDEALLY, we would like to receive VECTOR-BASED graphics.

      If you created your file in CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator CS, or FreeHand, the chances are pretty good that it will be something we can work with easily.

      This usually means that the file will have one of the following extensions:

      • .cdr (CorelDraw)
      • .ai (Adobe Illustrator)
      • .fh (FreeHand)
      • .eps

      If you can't manage that, feel free to try sending us files in the following formats (at as high a resolution as possible. We suggest a minimum of 300 dpi).

      • .psd (Adobe Photoshop CS)
      • .pdf (Adobe Acrobat)
      • .tiff (especially if it's a one colour design)

      Less desirable are the following file types, (but feel free to try sending them anyway):

      • .jpeg or .jpg
      • .doc (Microsoft Word)
      • .pub (Microsoft Publisher)
      • .ppt (Powerpoint)

      In a worst-case scenario, you can send us a .gif (likely something you obtained from a website), but the quality of these is often poor, and you might expect to incur some artwork charges as we do our best to bring it to the stage where you'll be proud to have it on your garment. (See "Internet Images" below)


      If possible, please supply Pantone numbers for the ink colours.

  • SUBMITTING ARTWORK: How Do I Get My Artwork To You?
    • You have several options:

      E-mail: Attach your artwork to the Enquiry Form.

      E-mail: You can e-mail it directly to us at info@printedshirts.ca  (If you're e-mailing us a file, please ensure the file size is less than 5 MB.)

      FTP: If you have access to an FTP page, let us know the FTP site and password and we’ll pick it up.

      Fax (Yes, some people still use fax machines!): You can fax your artwork to us at 204-944-0021

  • INTERNET IMAGES: Can I Use Pictures from the Internet In My Design?
    • Yes and No.

      Yes, you can send us a web image in order to give us an idea of what you want.

      However, because web images are typically saved at a very low resolution (and are very tiny), when they're enlarged to the size you want, they'll probably look quite "pixelated" or jagged (also referred to as "bad"!)

      Fortunately, we have a very strong Artwork Department, and our artists can do wonders with some of the worst "starting" images.  There's usually no charge for this, unless it's a particularly complicated artwork requiring several hours of painstaking work to recreate, and to make your image "t-shirt worthy". But we'll always let you know in advance if we expect that there will be any art charges.

      Please refer to "My Artwork Needs Some Help" below to see if you will be charged for this.

  • ARTWORK CHARGES: My Artwork Needs Some Help. Do You Charge For That?
    • It depends! In many cases, we consider it to be part of our job to assist you with your artwork, so we expect to spend some time getting your artwork ready for printing. If we're supplied with vector-based graphics (see "What Kind Of Artwork Files Do You Accept" above), the chances are good that there won’t be any additional artwork charges.

      The extent of work we anticipate that will be required for your job will be assessed once we have seen your artwork files. You will be notified of any anticipated artwork charges before we commence work.

      We encourage you to send us whatever you have for artwork using the "Upload Artwork" link on the Enquiry Form, so that we can provide you with feedback on your artwork.