We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you for the service given regarding our golf shirts and t-shirts.  Many positive comments regarding the shirts have been received from members and onlookers alike.  Those that were involved in the arrangements realize that your firm gave superior service, eliminating much of the hassle in the ordering process.  We wanted to ensure that you realized our appreciation.  We look forward to future dealings with your firm.  Again, we thank you.

- Northern Lights Archery Club

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BIC J25 Mini Lighter

Starting At $2.27

Bic #J25

BIC J23 Slim Lighter

Starting At $2.44

Bic #J23

BIC J26 Maxi Lighter

Starting At $2.57

Bic #LTR

BIC J38 Electronic Lighter

Starting At $3.98

Bic #J38

BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter

Starting At $9.42