I have worked with a few print companies now and am very, very pleased with the quality of product we have received but more importantly, the service. Sally responds to emails and requests for information immediately and provides really solid direction. She has saved me from a potential disasters and really gives me the confidence to know that our orders will be on time and accurate. Just today, she went the extra mile to help me out with something that I messed up.

- Susan S.

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Custom Band Merch and T-Shirt Printing

Got Merch?

Is your band kickin' it up a notch, and the groupies are screamin' for merch?

Going on tour soon, and have left things a little late?

You've come

to the right place!

We've been working with bands, big and small and with people in the Music Industry for years. 

Powerful word of mouth has made us the "Go To Guys" for merch for bands and record labels -- Locally, Nationally, and Internationally.


Merch - We Get It!
We know that merch sales are critical to your success.

Talk to us about Special Pricing and the MARIA discount. 





Need design help?  We can help.

In a Rush?
Heading out on tour soon, and have left things a little late?
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Drop Shipping
No room in the van for all that merch?
Need a drop shipment to a location on tour? No problem!

Centrally located within Canada to make for easy shipping arrangements, regardless of where your tour starts.


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